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Personal Injury/Civil Litigation
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Your initial consultation is free and we do not charge if we do not win your case.

During your initial consultation, the attorneys at Vera & Vera will review the facts of your case and discuss the probability of recovering compensation for your damages.

Once you are represented by us, you will not have to worry about anything. Vera & Vera will contact the person responsible and their insurance representative. Vera & Vera will ensure that you receive the best possible medical care. Vera & Vera will work vigorously from the beginning to resolve your case for the best possible settlement or recovery.


Vera & Vera can also represent you or your business in civil and contract disputes.

The initial consult is also free for these kinds of cases. As soon as the attorneys review the details of your case, they will explain to you what needs to be done to win your case or minimize your liability. They will explain the fees and expenses necessary to achieve an optimum result.

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