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The first consultation is always free. After you call and we take your information, your initial free consultation will be scheduled. During your initial free consultation with our attorneys, they will review your documents in detail and explain the strengths and weaknesses of your case. The attorneys will provide you with a clear road map of what it will take to win your case.

Vera & Vera aggressively represents clients in immigration cases, including:
  • Representation before ICE and/or Immigration Court for release of detained immigrants
  • Defense against removal (cancellation, political asylum, adjustment of status)
  • Adjustments of status
  • Waivers within the USA
  • Waivers outside the USA
  • Visas for immigrant families
  • Reopening of previous removals
  • Visas for victims of crimes
  • Consular petitions for spouses and fiancés
  • Citizenship
  • Responses to the Immigration Service when they request further evidence
  • Renewal of residency with criminal convictions
  • Deferred Action (DACA)
  • Investigations of criminal and immigration history before submitting immigration applications
No immigration process is as simple as it appears in the immigration application form. This is particularly true when you have a criminal record or you have had contact with border patrol or have appeared before a judge in the past.

We work closely with you to document your case before the Immigration Court, before the Immigration Service, or before a consular official. We carefully document every element of your case to increase your chances for success.


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